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   annaxin is positioned as a fashion and light luxury e-commerce company, including traditional luxury goods as well as some of the world's most up-to-date designer brands and popular items. Accordingly, the platform has near-perfect screening standards for the quality of the brands sold. Extending to the business model, the platform in fact optimizes the efficiency of matching "light luxury fashion goods" with "upgraded consumer groups" globally, reduces invalid inventory and improves the efficiency of users' access to goods. It allows fashion lovers to enjoy the high-end experience of "one-stop" shopping for global fashion products.
Leading the new light-luxuryism by collecting quality brands from all over the world
    annaxin is a global diversified fashion boutique shopping platform, presenting

international top brands, finding TheOne's dream items, showing the luxury proposition,

authentic direct delivery. annaxin is committed to bringing you a more forward-looking, exciting and inspiring shopping experience.


    To create a trustworthy global diversified fashion boutique shopping platform with integrity as the first priority.



      To put ourselves in our customers' shoes with a positive and enthusiastic attitude, to solve problems and ensure customer satisfaction.

Examples of practices.

(1) Online consultation of customers in the store, under normal circumstances, the average time for customer service response does not exceed 40 seconds.

(2) Returns and other after-sales issues, one-to-one service, the same order by a customer service service to the end, until customer satisfaction, saving customer time.

2、Quick response

      In the ever-changing Internet industry, facing the speed of change day by day, annaxin people are proactive in meeting the challenge and embracing change.

Examples of practices.

      Mobile Internet development is breaking through, providing customers with a shopping experience anytime, anywhere and at their own pace.

3、Teamwork and efficient implementation

    annaxin people share and share, actively share business knowledge and experience, and deal with problems "on the matter, not on the person", with a super cohesive team in a sound operational system for efficient implementation, reduce the cost of each link, the maximum benefit to customers.

4、Common goals and growth together

      The annaxin team regards the challenge as fun!

     annaxin prepares various catalysts for growth and a big stage for each employee to show their talents

      They pursue a common language, common fun, common thinking

      Always towards the common goal - "to become China's most outstanding B2C, B2B team" to move forward!